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S-Tier Apparel Club was created to be a unique shopping experience for fans of every pop culture genre. We offer truly one-time, limited edition, officially licensed drops from some of the most popular shows, movies, music, and artists today. Instead of the cheap, mass-produced licensed merch that can be found in every mall, S-Tier pushes the boundaries of branding and aims to make unique one-off apparel that plays to everyone’s interests. In addition to these exclusive collaborations, their branded membership merch is simple and stylish, with logoed looks meant to appeal to any modern streetwear fan.

Why We Do It

We’re making these clothes for one reason. Because it’s fun. There’s nothing like getting recognized by a fellow fan, wearing a piece of speciality merch. Knowing that you had to BE THERE; in the fandom on the discord, plugged-in, to not miss the drop is such a cool experience, we wanted to enhance it by making the process simple. With monthly, but limited restocks of membership merch, each purchase is a commodity AND a reward. Stop taking “L”s to resellers and hypebeasts who use armies of computers to cop every drop before you get a chance. Join the club, and get the gear. Easy.

About Our Founder

Robbie Daymond is an actor, voiceover artist, writer, producer, content creator, and undercover nerd. His career spans three decades, and he is intimately entangled in almost every form of media and entertainment. And of course, he also loves fashion & streetwear. After moving a ton of underground merch in 2021, Robbie decided to go legit, by building a brand and creating officially licensed partnerships with some of the most popular brands, artists, influencers, and IPs in the Zeitgeist. Robbie started S-Tier Apparel Club to share his passion with the fans and wants nothing more than to bring them limited edition, specialty merch for the properties they love.